Via YouTube, Owen Matthews

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Via YouTube, Owen Matthews

Post  Owen_Matthews on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:29 am

Owen is seated, in his car. The camera is on his dashboard as he drives down the road. He speaks nonchalantly, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Hey there, guys. Just got out of the hospital. Two broken ribs and a concussion, not to mention a severely bruised face."

He stops at a red light. Turning to look at the camera, he tilts his face this way and that, revealing a rather nasty black eye and a stitched up lip.

"Yeah. I got fucked up. But it wasn't Kevin...that's not his style. He's a psychotic freak, but he isn't one to blindside someone in the middle of the night. No, but I have my suspicions as to who it was. I'll be dealing with him AFTER Kooky Kevin."

He looks back to the road as the light turns green. He grimaces slightly as he turns the wheel.

"I'm still in rough shape. Broken ribs do NOT heal in two days. They released me after I demanded it, because I refuse to be missing from Main Event. My ribs will be bandaged, my lip will be a target, and my eye is still swollen shut to a degree...I don't care. My ribs won't be alright for Royal Reckoning. Again, I don't care."

He pulls into a parking lot and shifts into park. Picking up the camera, he holds it in his hands, facing it.

"Royal Reckoning, my no DQ match against Kevin? No sweat. The Royal Rumble? No sweat. I could have two broken legs and I'd still be there. Whoever attacked me was trying to break me. Well guess what? Owen Matthews doesn't BREAK. he comes back harder, faster, stronger...and MEANER. you don't want a mean Owen Matthews on your trail. I know whoever attacked me will be watching this, well...see me? When I figure out who you are I'll make you wish you were in my shape."

The camera shuts off as Owen sets it in the glovebox.


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