Via YouTube, Owen Matthews

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Via YouTube, Owen Matthews

Post  Owen_Matthews on Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:48 am

The camera flicks on, Owen's face in view. He appears to be walking and holding the camera on himself at the same time, and a parking lot can be seen in the background.

"As you all saw, this little issue Mr. Hardline and I have been having is far from over. APPARENTLY Kooky Kevin can't seem to take a loss with dignity. Hell, I doubt he can do ANYTHING with dignity. Any man that goes out of his way to pick fights with RANDOM PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE isn't even worth mentioning, but here I am. Mentioning."

Owen reaches with car and sets his camera on the roof as he fumbles in his pocket, still talking.

"I'm MENTIONING Kevin Hardline because he took what I wanted. I wanted to put on a great match and put this ALL behind us, with dignity and MAYBE EVEN some respect." Owen looks back up at the camera. "But NOPE! He had to be a sore loser. So, you guys know what? I'm going to have to keep beating him until he can't GET back up to be a sore loser."

Owen opens his car door. Grabbing his camera, he sits in the driver's seat and places the camera on the dash.

"This isn't over. Unfortunately. As much as I'd like to move on, I don't leave things un-finished. Tune in, kiddies...this will only get more interesting."


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