Dexter Mitchell bio (User: DM Ace of spades)

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Dexter Mitchell bio (User: DM Ace of spades)

Post  LeishytheDevil on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:18 am

Wrestler Name: Dexter Mitchell
Wrestler Nick Name: Ace of Spades
Wrestler Age: 23
Wrestler Height: 5"5
Wrestler Weight:199lbs
Gimmick: Former gambling addict, willing to do anything for cash.
Hometown: Co. Durham, England
Heel or Face: Heel
Classification (Cruiserweight, Heavyweight, etc): Cruiserweight
Finishing Moves:(Add description) Royal Flush, somersaulting neckbreaker from the top rope. Also known as the "Blockbuster"

Trademark Moves (Moves That Could Finish A Match 1-4, Also add Descriptions For Each)
1. Shooting Star Press
2. Flipping rock bottom (Rock bottom set up followed my a moonsault to the canvas)
3. Standing 450 splash
4. Springboard 180 dragonrana

Superstar Appearance (Provide Name of Wrestler or Celeb):
Blue masked man, I'll post a picture on the facebook page.
Entrance Music: Ace of Spades by Motorhead
Twitter: n/a
Email: Can't post for 7 days

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