Match of the week - Andrew Bailey Vs Ravi Bangar steel cage match

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Match of the week - Andrew Bailey Vs Ravi Bangar steel cage match

Post  LeishytheDevil on Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:02 am

Ravi's music is playing as he reaches the cage gate, well, we assume it is playing, the let's get violent screams from blood thirsty fans is beyond belief loud. Ravi smiles, his entire style and persona is like a larger version of Alfie. As he enters the cage, he stands right against the ropes. As far away from Bailey as possible. Bailey stands, arms wide open and tongue out and screams, the fans in the building scream in unison with him. He is finally in the ring one vs one, with a member of the group who have consistently assaulted him. Drove him to madness.

As the bell rings the crowd are chanting Let's get violent. The fans are so behind Andrew Bailey it's unreal. As Ravi looks around, leaning on the ropes he looks at Bailey who's entire body is shaking and the entire arena is bouncing in anticipation. Ravi is like a cat amongst dogs tonight. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNDREW BAIIIIIIIIIIILEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDREWWWWWWWWW BAIIIIIILEYYYYYY chants are heard throughout the arena. The match has yet to see a blow landed as Bailey slowly and methodically walks towards Ravi. Ravi walks forward into the hell that is Andrew Bailey's playground now. A punch is thrown and the match begins. Ravi punches Andrew and really quickly goes to work on his legs. Kicks and punches as Bailey takes damage, Ravi goes for a clothesline of the rope, as he reaches the rope, he is met by the body of Bailey doing a big splash into the cage. Ravi screams and Bailey starts laughing. The fans are cheering as he signals to each side, Ravi tries a springboard style cross body but is caught by Bailey in a fireman's carry position, raising him high above his head, bench pressing the man who has been helping orchastrate these attacks on him. Weeks of aggression is forced into the throw that follows into the corner of the cage above the far right turnbuckle. The crowd go mental as Bailey's tongue is out again. He begins climbing slowly over Ravi's mangled body, Ravi grabs his foot as he gets above him toward the top of the cage. Ravi holds on before dropping of the turnbuckle, dragging Bailey back down to the turnbuckle before letting go and running toward the cage door. He screams "Open it, open it I need out of this hell" the cage door is opened, Bailey runs over and spears Ravi into the cage wall next to the door, then clasping his hands around Ravi's Waist German suplexing him away from the door.

He slams the door shut himself, the latch is back on and he turns to Ravi, who tries to push Andrew into the corner, but is simply swatted to his knees with a punch. Picking him up into a powerbomb situation, Bailey turns towards the door, powerbombinb Ravi into the door as his body folds up like an accordion and slumps into a heap between the cell and the ropes. Bailey goes mental. Climbing the turnbuckle quickly as Ravi can only manage a roll to the middle of the ring. He pulls himself up to the top of the cage, and spreads his arms wide and the fans all rise to their feet as he faces and looks down towards the ground below. The violence lover is about to win against one of his 4 tormentors. The fans begin chanting "LETS! GET! VIOLENT!" repeatedly, slowly and making Andrew look up, he bows to the fans and turns toward the ring. Screaming he leaps to the air, arms out wide like an angel, with a devil's mindset. FLYING HEADBUT FROM THE MANIC FROM DURHAM! Ravi is busted wide open, Andrew isn't even moving as he is laid against the turnbuckle, blood trickles down his face.

After what felt like minutes Ravi is somehow up first, Bailey still has not moved. Bangar begins slowly but surely climbing the turnbuckle, each inch is a mile to these men. As he reached the top turnbuckle, Bailey is on his feet, groggy but on his feet, he stumbles towards Ravi, who is pulling his frame toward the top of the cage, and is now sitting on the cage teasing Bailey who is at the bottom of the turnbuckle. As Bailey finally reaches the top, Ravi is standing on the cage, body crippled by the pain he has endured, he has barely landed a hit, yet he still taunts the fans, as he lowers his body to begin his descent he feels a large hand on his shoulder. Bailey is now standing right next to him. Smiling, he Kicks Ravi in the guy and Ravi falls to his knees, leaving Bailey to soak up the atmosphere. The fans rise, they are so up for this cage match as Bailey stands above his nemesis' manager. He points toward the announce table and the fans start a yes chant that is almost perfectly timed.

Putting Ravi in a powerbombesq set up, he lifts Bangar into his piledriver set up and stands holding him there, for 10 seconds, jumping through the air toward the announce table he releases an upside down Ravi as the two collide into the announce table, I don't know who wins now but Ravi might need a doctor. The crowd are chanting "LETS GET VIOLENT, ANNNNNNNNNNNNDREW BAILEY, LETS GET VIOLENT, ANDREW BAILEY!" Repeatedly. The medics rush down, trying to attend to both men. Ravi is not respondant and instantly gets lifted onto a stretcher, carried away to serious boos. Andrew Bailey pushes medics away, is helped to his feet eventually as the chants get louder and louder, he is slowly helped to the ramp and then the stage before stopping the medics. He says something and turns, doubled over, he rises to face the fans still chanting his catchphrase, his name. Bleeding he spreads his arms, tenses and screams toward the sky. The show goes for a break as he brings his head back to eye level, tongue out, pain filling his eyes...

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