Match of the year - 2012. 6 man ladder match.

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Match of the year - 2012. 6 man ladder match.

Post  Andrew Bailey on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:21 am

6 man ladder match for the European title, TLC 2012.

Greg Coles vs Marv "The Don" Rtid vs Scotty Adams vs Chris Russell vs Ollie Flanagan vs Andrew Bailey (C).

The 5 challengers awaited the arrival of the champion, the lights went out, a spotlight arrives on stage, a booming voice says "making EU proud" and the Mohawk wielding champion walks out. Usually quite energetic he walks slowly around the ring past every single competitor before entering the ring.

The match starts and every competitor heads for a ladder leading to all six standing in the ring with ladders in hand. Chris and Andrew, friends outside the ring share a quick nod and smash Greg Coles in a swift sandwich style manoeuvre. As the rookie rolls out the ring Andrew and Chris turn and are met with two ladders from Scotty and Marv. As they celebrate finally working together Ollie smashes them in the back before taunting all five men who now lay crumbled on the outside.

He sets up the ladder and began climbing, his ascension was quick. However, Andrew, the champion who will not die, ran into the ring, pushing Ollie's ladder backwards and sending Ollie to the outside. He tries steadying the ladder, but is met by his long time friend Chris Russell. The pair looks at each other. A quick hand touch to show respect and they embark on 5 minutes of good quality wrestling. It only ended when Andrew's last ride attempt was interrupted by Greg Coles smashing the champion with a chair. He then repeatedly beat on the champion and Chris as they lay on the ground. The rookie looked good in his debut. Known more for a high flying offence he grabbed the ladder Ollie was thrown off, noticed Scotty and Marv stirring and ran toward the rope jump through the middle rope and smashed them with a ladder. Busting Marv open at the same time.

Greg Coles had momentum, running on adrenaline he climbed the barricade, ran round the curve and flew toward Ollie with a dropkick into the steel steps. He got a huge pop as he got back into the ring. Fans love a try hard. He stood on the turnbuckle celebrating, only to be caught in a powerbomb position, set up for a last ride by Bailey. He managed to jump from his shoulders onto the turnbuckle before moonsaulting onto the champion’s chest.

He collected a ladder, set it up in the ring and climbed high. Title within reach the fans went absolutely mental, knowing his work in developmental, he was a spot monkey, he looked at the champion lying on his back. Frog splash was coming!? He leapt from 20 feet in the air, frog splash motion done, before being smashed by a steel chair, his body folded up and he flew out the ring. Screaming. Chris Russell stood tall, he climbed the ladder, Ollie Flanagan got back in the ring climbed the other side of the ladder and the two traded blows. Chris took a sore punch and looked dazed. Ollie grabbed him, put him across his shoulders and hit a huge burning hammer. They both lay on the canvas. Ollie stirred, as Chris lay broken in half, dragging himself toward the ladder, reaching the bottom step he clawed toward the title. He got onto his knees, Marvyn stood tall behind him, grabbing his arm he locked in the cross arm breaker and held it for what seemed like 5 minutes, Ollie screamed, tapped grabbed the ropes but all it did was cause Marvyn to tense, Ollie squirmed outside the ring and fell toward the concrete. Marvyn still held the arm breaker in, a crazed smile came across his blood soaked face. Scotty returned to the ring, sat on the bottom step of the ladder and watched Marvyn destroy Ollie's arm. Marvyn, satisfied he'd done enough let go and turned.

Straight into Scotty's Roundhouse kick, and he rolled out of the ring. Andrew Bailey got to his feet and stood facing Scotty, the two started to wrestle before Andrew got Scotty into a last ride position, smashing him into the link of the ladder, Andrew tried to pick the ladder up, before noticing it was snapped in half. He retrieved one from the outside and ascended slowly, hurting from the punishment he'd withstood. He reached the top, stretching to the title. The fans went nuts and Andrew assumed it was for him, posing on top of the ladder and pointing to his title. It wasn't.

From behind him, the crowd had just seen a run in, as the man with the bandana round his face looked up the ladder, he untied his mask, smiling, Alfie Davis. Fired due to recent antics he'd returned. He shouted something like 'Saville' and Andrew turned. Incensed he jump at Alfie. Alfie dodged before running up the stage. Shades of recent matches as Andrew followed him back stage.

This left nobody on their feet. Chris down from the burning hammer he received. Greg Coles crawling toward the ladder. Scotty folded in half, Marvyn out cold, Ollie getting medical attention on his arm.

Greg Coles reached the ladder. Dragging himself upwards, he was lifted high in the air. Chris Russell finally awoken, he literally threw Greg out of the ring and he landed hard, and screamed.

Chris ascended the ladder. Scotty looked up at the title and moved, they reached the top again, but this time were distracted, Andrew returned to the ring, the two looked toward him as another masked man jump the railing. And met him nearer the top of the stage with a spear sending them flying of it.

Chris seeing his friend in danger as Alfie stood on top of the stage laughing ran to help but was met by Greg Coles, who super kicked him as he ran past. Greg then walked towards Alfie, the pair shook hands as the masked man got back on stage and they walked away, boos echo round the arena as the Liverpool crowd make sense of it all.

Chris laid out, Marvyn stirring, Ollie injured and Scotty on the ladder looking around. He jumps down, attacking Marvyn before being blindsided by Ollie he leans on the ropes as Ollie, on armed climbs the ladder slowly. Marvyn follows. The two trade blows as Scotty watches. Ollie takes a huge punch and struggles to hold on, Marvyn grabs his arm, tries to lock the arm breaker in across second top step. As Ollie screams, Scotty quickly collects a ladder, sets up the new ladder beside the pair, ascending quickly, he reaches the top, not close enough to the ladder he jumps onto the top of the ladder Marvyn and Ollie are tangled in, unlocking the strap and celebrating as Marvyn lets go of Ollie and stands 2 steps below.

Scotty's music hits, he looks directly in Marvyn's face tongue out going mental. The fans cheer. Ollie is screaming in agony. Chris is KO'd on the stage, Andrew hasn't stirred in about 10 minutes. No longer is he making EU proud. A new champion is in the company.
Sitting on the ladder, Marvyn tries to attack the champion before being thrown off and rolling out the ring. This is Scotty's moment. He's been smashed into a ladder, nearly busted open by Greg Coles, survived two run ins. He stands one foot on each of the ladders, title in hand, arms stretched wide. He is the champion..

The crowd raise another cheer as Alfie, Greg and the third man jump the barriers again, they enter the ring from each side and surround the champion, who tries to steady himself on one ladder. Greg Coles climbs the other and sits next to him, shakes his hand and raises it. Alfie applauds, The third man reveals himself, Antoni!! Making a huge statement tonight.

As Scotty stands on one ladder again, Alfie fakes to climb up beside him, instead tipping the ladder, throwing the champion to the outside. The three men stand over the new champion, alfie grabs his title. Spits on it, and throws it into the crowd.
Boos erupt as they walk out, what is this about!?

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