TWC BR style news - Alfie and the boys

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TWC BR style news - Alfie and the boys

Post  LeishytheDevil on Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:53 am

Forget 3MB, this group has no actual name.

TWC are putting them over in some seriously well laid out guerrilla warfare attacks on Andrew Bailey specifically. Although we never got to know why, Andrew has begged to face Alfie in a steel cage at the rumble and TWC has delivered.

Now for the build up, will Alfie grab a microphone and talk us into the building? Who assaulted Antoni? Greg Coles TWC's resident spot monkey near stole the show with his debut, and then joined Alfie's men in the same night. Ravi the manager is serving the three well by reminding us all that they are infact a group even when we see them seperate.

Then again, they could just keep jumping Bailey and I'm sure the fans will keep watching expecting the same thing...

Maybe on one of the next few shows the group will finally take their chance and stand in the ring, lead poles in hand, microphone in the other and talk us into the building, they are one.

Alfie and the boys, one day, they will have a group name.

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