Match of the Week - TWC WAR 19-02-2013

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Match of the Week - TWC WAR 19-02-2013

Post  Andrew Bailey on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:08 pm

Damon King vs Carlito

As we come back from commercial we I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool! Then as Carlito’s music plays to the audience he walks down through the curtain getting a split response. As he walks down the ramp we see highlights from the big finish of the CJ and Matt Vs Greg Coles and Antoni matchup

Carlito awaits his opponent in the ring as he tries to silence the crowd, which just turns them against him even more. Then out of nowhere a church bell is heard throughout the arena as “Victory” by Puff Daddy stars playing. The crowd look around dumb founded until the music builds in pace and the highly anticipated debut of Damon King is upon us.

Damon King poses at the top of the stage as the smarks in the crowd try to start chants for the young internet darling of independent wrestling. The rest of the crowd start to get behind him though, as his flowing blonde hair bounces as he runs down the ring, slapping hands as he goes. He jumps up on the apron and enters the ring, offering his hand to Carlito for a handshake. Carlito slaps the hand away before spitting apple into the young man’s face.

The ref sounds for the bell as Carlito takes advantage of the sight impaired Damon as he hit’s a Russian leg sweep before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a leg drop under his jaw. Carlito goes for the quick count 1.…2.… Damon gets a shoulder up and the crowd erupt, Carlito is distracted as he tells them to show him some damn respect. This gives Damon the chances to get to his feet and charge at Carlito, landing a drop to his back he springs off the ropes as Damon gets a quick schoolboy going for a big upset, 1.…2... Carlito kicks out and quickly gets back to his feet, but Damon is also quick up and the two nod at each other, Carlito showing more respect to the quick debutant.

The pair lock up in the middle of the ring, Damon quickly over powers him and throws him towards the corner. He is quick to follow up with a body splash in the corner but Carlito moves and as a dazed Damon staggers back he is met with a spring board back elbow from the second rope which drops him on his back. Another quick pin combination gets a two, Carlito the rolls off him and grabs his neck in a dragon sleeper. Damon looks in a lot of pain but as Carlito thinks he nears victory the crowd start to cheer as Damon slowly makes his way back to his feet. Carlito still dangling from his back, trying to get his grip back on the submission in vain as Damon charges forward and slams Carlito back first into the corner before turning and slamming hit hard in the middle of the ring.

He thinks about going for the pin but instead opts to pick Carlito up, as Carlito stands dazed in the middle of the ring Damon King bounces off the ropes and charges at Carlito aiming at a spear but he leapfrogs over him. As Damon continues he bounces off the ropes again and turns into a big clothesline attempt, Damon avoids the clothesline and lifts Carlito up before slamming him down in a big side slam. The commentators say that he refers to the move as King’s Revenge! With Carlito flat on his back Damon goes for the pin 1.…2.…3! Damon King wins on his debut against a former WWE IC champion! This is a huge win for the young man from Minnesota. As he celebrates we see replays of the lethal looking King’s Revenge before heading to a commercial.

Winner - Damon King

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