Match of the Week - TWC WAR 26-02-2013

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Match of the Week - TWC WAR 26-02-2013

Post  Andrew Bailey on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:09 pm

Damon King vs Rhyno

Victory by Puff Daddy hit’s and here comes The Ultimate Professional himself Damon King!! He waits for his opponent and here he comes THE MAN BEAST RHYNO fresh off the back of his famous win over Frankie Andrews albeit somewhat controversial it’s still pretty impressive to keep Frankie down for 3 seconds its some accomplishment!

The referee gets us underway as the wrestler do an old fashion test of strength that Rhyno wins and starts picking up some early momentum and Damon is struggling to get a foothold, Rhyno is keeping Damon in a corner and continuously kicking the ribs smart move from the Man Beast wearing down his opponent draining the stamina from Damon until Damon GRABS ONE OF RHYNO’S LEGS AND PULLS SHARPLY TOWARDS THE POST HE MAY HAVE HURT RHYNO this allows ...Damon to build some momentum and the crowd favourite is really getting the crowd behind him!!

Damon has Rhyno staggered he’s really feeling the bunt of that huge impact with the post, Vintage Damon as he uses the Buzzer Beater to full effect Irish Whipping Rhyno into the corner and follow’s it up with a devastating spear! But wait what’s this as Rhyno is finding his feet DAMON IS SIGNALLING HE’S CALLING FOR THE BLOCKBUSTER…… NO HE MISSED RHYNO PUSHES THE FOOT AWAY! AND DAMON SHOCKED TURNS AROUND AND GET’S ROCKED! GORE!!! GORE!! OUT OF NOWHERE! 1…… 2….. NO!! HE SURVIVES!! Great in-Ring Presence from Damon King as he somehow grabs the rope subconsciously.

Rhyno is getting Angry! He’s trying to set him up for the Rhyno Driver but the leg gives way! Damon has an opportunity to counter! HE HIT HIM WITH THE SHAKE ‘N’ BAKE Rhyno is dazed! AS HE RAISES SLOWLY DAMON GRABS HIM AND THE CROWD ON THEIR FEET GOING CRAZY AS DAMON HITS THE BLOCKBUSTER!!! COVER HIM GOD DAMMIT! NO HE’S NOT DONE YET HE GOES UP TOP HITS THE ABOVE THE LIGHTS 1…… 2….. 3…….. KING WINS what a spectacle fine performance from both men!! Only in TWC Ladies and Gentlemen

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