Match of the Night - Locked Inside 2013

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Match of the Night - Locked Inside 2013

Post  Andrew Bailey on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:11 pm

Andrew Bailey vs Alfie Davies - Hell In a Cell

Ladies and Gentlemen we gear up for the first of two massive Hell in a cell match with Andrew Bailey the resident one man army taking on Mr Untouchable Alfie Davies. The untouchable star Alfie Davies has been tormenting the Rumble winner since TWC’s inception and as it comes to an end, we enter the match where all rivalries come to an end, hell in a cell. Andrew Bailey in recent weeks has increased his intensity. He has shown his will to overcome his road blocks that have time and time again, as he began to descend into a darker mental state we saw his in ring style expand and increase to a level we didn’t know he could go too, after winning the rumble he changed again, he was out in the ring with a reason. He is back to being both happy to wrestle for the fans but simply cannot relax, he is constantly hounded by 4 men who seem to have no other motive other than they dislike one of TWC’s main men. How will this match pan out, find out soon as the match begins.

“Ha ha HAAAH” sounds as the beginning of Gin and Juice plays, out steps Greg Coles and Antoni, dressed as bouncers with ear pieces on show, they stand next to the fans on the ramp, and begin ushering the Norfolk fans back. Ravi appears on the stage and begins applauding and before unrolling a red carpet along the ramp. Alfie walks out to a massive amount of boos from the Norfolk fans. He spreads his arms before walking to the ring, as he heads down the ramp, Greg and Antoni look under the ring, bringing out a red velvet rope, stopping Ravi and ushering Alfie through the ropes whilst Ravi theatrically attempts to get into the ring before being moved aside and fake beaten down by Antoni. Alfie stands on the turnbuckle and removes his sunglasses before blowing a kiss to a female fan in the audience. She screams but the men boo. He spends a good amount of time insulting the crowd as Ravi applauds from behind the rope.

LET’S GET VIOLEEEEEEEEEENT screeches through the arena, and out steps Andrew Bailey. Cane in hand he props it up against the ground and leans on it, a crooked smile on his face as he motions with his free hand to get the crowd cheering, they oblige. Tonight he is the leader of the masses, the king. He begins walking down the ramp reaching the red carpet, he shakes his head and lifts it up, Ravi is standing on the other end, he yanks it towards him causing Ravi to slip, the crowd cheer again “ANDREW BAILEY HE’S ONE OF OUR OWN” chants ring throughout the arena. Ravi shouts abuse up the ramp as Bailey launches the red carpet of the stage before walking down towards the red velvet ropes. Ravi begins shouting abuse at Andrew and pushes him, Andrew smiles, looks at Alfie in the ring, before smashing the cane across the forehead of Ravi, cracking it straight down the middle. Ravi crumbles to the floor at the side of the ramp as the crowd go mental. Antoni steps in front of the rope, and motions to Andrew, Andrew turns away and looks into the camera to his left and says “Is this jobber for real?” and winks. He turns and Antoni and Greg are taking orders from Alfie at ringside, they begin walking back towards the ropes after finishing. Bailey swivels round from the camera, grabbing the near pole attached to the velvet rope and smacking it across the face of Antoni. Greg rushes towards Bailey but is met with a drop toe hold into a light at the side of the ramp. Bailey walks towards the ring and lifts the apron up, pulling out two canes from underneath. Sliding into the ring his music stops and he points the canes at Alfie.

He grabs a microphone and speaks slowly but direct. “Ratboy, *laughs as the crowd begin chanting* get in the ring, I hold a cane for you and one for me. That’s the only help we’re getting tonight son. Call off the groupies for once and show the world you actually have balls” Alfie enters the ring and the cell begins to lower.

The cell closes around the two competitors, the referee signals for the bell and the match begins. Andrew raises the two canes high into the air before launching them into opposite directions to the outside walkway between cage and ring. He laughs as Alfie scrambles to grab his cane, only to be grabbed by Bailey, holding his ankles as he clings to the bottom rope. Bailey looks at the fans and looks at Alfie. Squirming left and right but to no avail, he can’t break free. Bailey stomps on Alfie’s ribs, then again, and again, and again. He laughs as Alfie releases the ropes to try and cover his chest. Bailey covers Davies for a 1 count before kneeling up, looking down and delivering 8 straight punches to the face. He backs away, waiting on Alfie getting up before attempting a spear. Davies dodges and Bailey runs into the ring post. Alfie Rolls out the ring and grabs the cane, Bailey rolls to the outside and chases him around the ring, Alfie slides back into the ring and as Bailey catches up he is met with a huge swing cracking him in the cheek. He is knocked to the floor and rolls to the outside. Alfie follows and swings the cane, Bailey ducks and it cracks of the cell. A quick punch in the gut sees Alfie drop the cane and Bailey sets him up for a rushing leg sweep into the apron. Snapping Alfie’s back onto the ring, the untouchable wrestler lets out a ghastly shriek, quickly Bailey swivels round and sets Alfie up into another Russian Leg sweep, executing it quickly as he smashes his back into the cage. He gets up and a fan in the front screams “Let’s get VIOLENT” and Bailey turns and screams back, before smashing his head into the cage and biting the bars. Alfie crawls away towards his cane, slyly picking it up and smacking it of Bailey’s back. Bailey is on his knees and Alfie climbs onto the apron walking along to the centre infront of Bailey. Bailey turns around and is met with a dropkick to the chest from the apron, forcing him into the cage wall and then to the floor. Alfie lands awkwardly on his neck and the pair are sprawled out on the outside.

After a few moments Bailey is dragging his body into the ring and across to the opposite corner, trying to get his cane, as he reaches it he rushes around the ring to attack the downed Alfie he is met with a kick to the thigh, he drops to one knee and Alfie begins kneeing Bailey in the face time after time before stepping away from a near KO’d Bailey. Jumping onto the apron, he tries a running knee only to be caught by Bailey on his shoulders. Bailey starts to stand up before poising for a powerbomb, he starts marching with Alfie on his shoulders. As he faces the ring and teases the powerbomb into the apron Alfie leaps from his shoulders onto the cage and just clings onto the cell wall. Bailey grabs the cane again and swings upwards at Alfie who begins to go higher and higher before Bailey’s attempts to swing up at him are not reaching him, Bailey then climbs onto the apron and tries to hit Alfie but to no avail. Alfie begins to move onto the roof, and hovers dangerously over the floor before edging into the centre of the cage’s roof. He tries to avoid Bailey’s attempts to smack his legs as they hang from the cell and eventually has his feet and hands hooked onto the cell’s roof. Bailey launches the cane up towards him and it flies straight through a gap in the cell roof and lands on the flat across the roof. Alfie dangerously looks down at his opponent before eventually he drops toward the mat below..

Somersaulting through the air he lands a huge cross body on Bailey almost putting him through the apron. The two men are laid out crippled on the apron. The fans are going wild with “holy shit” chants as Alfie crawls slowly towards the body of Bailey, dropping a wrist over his body leaving the referee counting.

1…2…kick out, a split second away from a 3 but Bailey is breathing!
These men have crippled themselves tonight for the show, for the fans, you gotta respect that. Bailey is the first to stir after the kick out; rolling away to the corner before Alfie drags is body up with the ropes. Davies runs at Bailey and attempts a big boot in the corner, Bailey ducks and Alfie’s right leg goes over the top rope. Bailey adjusts his body to lift Alfie into his finishing position of the Last Ride. Alfie looks shocked, he struggles around but he can’t get free, Bailey walks towards the turnbuckle. He raises his opponent high above his head before Last Ride powerbombing him over the turnbuckle into the corner of the cell wall. Alfie’s body is contorted and crippled. The fans go wild with “FUCK YOU ALFIE CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP” Chants and claps. Bailey looks fresh; he is bouncing around the ring and cheering the move with the fans. Ravi is screaming on the outside and Bailey exits the ring and stares straight at the manager who goes eye to eye with him. Antoni and Greg are side by side with their manager. Bailey spits at Ravi who falls backwards, Antoni and Greg go wild and begin pounding the cell wall. Bailey smiles and turns to Alfie who is stirring but slowly, and looks like he is completely done in. He sticks his middle finger up at Bailey before both men roll into the ring with a cane each in hand. They begin trading blows before Bailey gets the upper hand, smashing the cane right across the cheek of Alfie. Alfie collapses into the corner before swinging wildly for Bailey who ducks and pushes him back into the corner. Alfie climbs the turnbuckle before leaping towards Bailey, he is caught in a swift last ride powerbomb into a pin.

1….2…….3! It’s over! The Rumble winner wins again! Andrew Bailey has done it when it was needed, a performance that cements his place in households everywhere.

LET’S GET VIOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENT plays as the cage is raised and Greg and Antoni crawl under. They move towards the near crippled maniac standing in the ring. He stands his ground and Antoni advances, attempting a spear, Bailey dodges throwing him through the middle rope. Greg resorts to his usual high risk by springboarding onto the shoulders of Bailey who turns quickly and powerbombs him straight onto the top of Antoni. The fans go wild again as the potential future champion goes mental in the ring. Arms raised he points to the Wrestle for Glory sign. The world will be watching as he faces the winner of Frankie Andrews and Matt Hero tonight.

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