Ryan Leishman youtube video released.

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Ryan Leishman youtube video released.

Post  LeishytheDevil on Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:27 am

Hello. *masked, Ryan Leishman strolls into view*

In the sanestttt way possible I intend to describe to each of you, exactly what my story is. You see, some men here don't understand my anger, my hatred.

*camera is punched by Ryan, it falls on it's side and he lies down beside it.*

You see I left TWC creating a fog, a mist, a smokescreen that I was crippled. I actually had corrective spine surgery the same week I was "injured" and frankly ladies and gentlemen I would have killed myself without it. Because now, as you all know, I am superhuman.

I was once perfect, but Frankie saw to it that I was, say, compromised. He forced my surgery through and helped me recover in time to limp into this building and have an altercation with antoniiii.

Antoni and I had a random fight that ended with myself cracking his jaw with a crutch. Yet you people still cheered me.

Owen Matthews saw me in the street and asked why I was walking fine. He had to pay. Kevin Hardline took my credit, he deserved death. He got lucky.

Then I began tormenting your hero, Frankie Andrews. Your villain, Matthhewwww Hero. Ug.

I refuse. Refuse. To be seen as a bag carrier I am the man you paid your money to see, and I didn't even turn up.

The born fire is burning hero. I am not attacking hero because I can, I am attacking the man who whispered into people's ears to have me hold his filthy Sunderland hands as he waltzed above the company I was begged to join. Without me, hero doesn't exist, I apologise to you for that.

Now, I target Frankie. That man couldn't carry the bags of the "Belfast Brawlers" if his life depended on it. In fact, the so called Brawlers couldn't win a fair match, tag teams are for the weak. Ryan Leishman, cripples or mended, could destroy those "brawling buddies."

Frankie the wrestler, was a veryyy jollyyy soul. He couldn't wrestle his way out of, a paper bag I'm told.

My bonfire ladies and gentlemen? Is here. My bonfire ladies and gentlemen is alight.
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