via youtube Tony Wazawa "A dragon's Wrath"

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via youtube Tony Wazawa "A dragon's Wrath"

Post  emil X orr on Wed May 08, 2013 8:26 am

(camera shows Tony furiously punching a speed-bag. going faster and faster until finishing it off with a hard right hook)
"...My apologizes...I always work out when I'm upset. A comment was made by someone who I don't even know, disgraced not only my family, but my race. Which is idiotic being the fact that I'm only HALF japanese. Liam do not know me, yet you ignorantly and foolishly mock my heritage. You clearly lack any discipline to be a true athlete. A warrior lives and dies by his honor. and I will not let this act of cowardice and stupidity stain my good name. I shall see you in the ring, reclaim my pride, and capture my prey.
(turns around and punches a hole in the wall)
We shall see in the end who's gonna have the funny looking face Mad

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