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{{The scene opens to a warm yet somewhat bitter Friday afternoon in the streets of Manchester. People are roaming the streets, trying to figure out where they intend to go; how they intend on spending their Friday night. Whether that be visiting relatives or heading out to nightclubs or other places, the choice is theirs and theirs alone. There is one person who is taking a different approach to everyone else though, as he is standing in a secluded area near one of the most famous stadiums in the world.}}

{{That of course, being Old Trafford; the man standing near it, is Thomas Donovan. Attired in a black leather biker style jacket which covers a plain white shirt, rugged and torn jeans with black worn-down Nike shoes completing the look that has become all too common for Thomas; he likes it this way. A slight laugh emanates from his lips, as he smirks slightly.}}

"As the time ticks away, upon a life we have made, you ought to stop and ask yourself...what have I done, to better myself?"

{{Knowing that a lot of people don't understand the complex nature of his promos, Thomas smiles.}}

"What have you done as a person, to make yourself better in this world? To stand out from the pack?"

{{Another laugh leaves his lips, this one slightly more demonic in nature. Unsurprising, considering the nature of his words.}}

"Have you been unique? Or have you just allowed yourself to become a copy of someone else? This world is filled with those who are plain, yet claim to be original...to be able to stand out. It is them, that will be the first to go."

{{Allowing his smile to grow, you can feel the tension that is beginning to rise around Thomas, with every word that is spoken.}}

"Do you fear judgement, or do you embrace it? That is unanswerable, until your motives have been called into question; the answer WILL be discovered, whether you wish for it to be or not."

{{Raising his left index finger to his mouth, Thomas allows the silence to consume this setting, so that his words can sink in. So that people can comprehend and understand, the notion that Thomas is feeding them right now.}}

"The hourglass is running out of sand; soon enough, all the questions shall be answered."

{{The scene ends, with Thomas letting a demonic smirk cross his lips.}}

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