via tout "run away little matty" - Kevin hardline

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via tout "run away little matty" - Kevin hardline

Post  emil X orr on Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:40 am

(camera shows future footage of no holds barred match)
" away little matty"
(chair shots are shared and brutal punches and kicks are blown)
(smashed through tables and bloodied bodies)
"*claps hands* congratulations! im proud of you! leave TWC! leave your idiotic dreams behind.
*smile fades*......on the other hand....I'm a little disappointed....I planned to atleast SHOW you why you should quit. its not very fun when the enemy surrenders instead of beating him into submission.......hey!....why should i leave it at that?! I can still hurt you!....I can still destroy you!!....why SHOULD I just let you run away?!.....If i beat you nearly to death, it will ENSURE me that you won't make any stupid comebacks or any of that other crap.....So owen.....DONT run.....yet......If i defeat you. in the no holds barred away from TWC....and if YOU win, then I'M wrong.....I'LL run away.....Ill get off your back....and let you waste your life away chasing your pointless dream. because even if you DO win..which i highly doubt....your only racing faster to your grave. and trust me, that NHB match will be NOTHING compared to the hell your going towards. Kevin Hardline. Fuck drugs. and fuck you!." XXX
(tout ends)

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