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WAR report - Bleacher Report

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War Report 7/1/13
By Alan Murphy

War started in the lockeroom of the Revolution of Wrestling, just Giles Strutt and Matt Hero this week after the justified attack by Frankie Andrews onto one half of the Belfast Brawlers, Andrew McCluskey. They go back and forth with Hero doing the talking, trying to psyche up Giles for his match tonight against Frankie.

The opening match featured the new serious attitude of Scotty Adams and the debutant “Dynamite” Dave. In what was possible the match of the night was also a pure wrestling clinic put on by the self entitled “Wrestling saviour”. After a good 10 minutes match of domination Scotty put Dynamite away with the W.F.S, a sharpshooter come hells gate type move. Scotty grabbed the mic and proclaimed this is the Era of Adams and that this was the beginning of the end of gimmickry mattering in TWC.

Just before we head to the break though Tom Scarborough makes his way to the ring, expecting a heated argument between the two Scotty looked ready to fight again but instead Tommy inferred that he could talk to his masturbatory aide before attacking Dynamite Dave.

After the break we see a video highlighting the tense rivalry between Kevin Hardline and Owen Matthews. This was more of a brawl that a wrestling match and just when it looked like one had the upper hand a quick reversal turned the match on it’s head. At one point Kevin had gone up top and hit a very picturesque moonsault only to be caught by Owen and spiked with a viscous spinebuster. The end came when Owen rolled out of the ring after taking a sickening DUI from Kev. As he walked up the ramp as Kevin grabbed a mic. Kevin called Owen a coward for running and that he won’t be able to run away at Royal Reckoning when they face off again in a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere match up.

Next we were treated to a none title, tag team match featuring the tag champs Seniór CJ and Matt Harris and the relatively unknown duo of Jack Rune and Tom Fisher. No surprises here in a match that showcased the tag champions with them picking up the victory via the big 450° from CJ.

Out next was the grouping of Alfie, Greg, Antoni and Ravi. Alfie had the mic in his hand and eventually spoke, putting down Andrew Bailey’s wrestling skills, talent and overall toughness to the crowds pure anger. Next Greg continued in the same vein putting down Bailey before moving on to insult the tag team champions. As the dropped the mics and left the ring Andrew Bailey hit the ring from out of nowhere attacking both Antoni and Ravi. After KO’ing Ravi he tries to break his Singapore cane on Antoni’s back until he rolled over only to be caned in the face with a brutal shot. Bailey got the crowd chanting as Alfie and Greg looked on whilst walking backwards up the ramp.

As we come back from the break we see Rhys Holland in the ring with Cathal at ringside, putting an end to the speculations he had quit the company midweek, this match was set to be a one on one Vs Liam Reynolds but it didn’t turn out that way. After a run in from the Internet Champion Marvyn Rtid the match was all but said and done and after Liam’s Styles Clash for the three count he could start to celebrate. After the bell the assaults continue as Cathal attacks Rhys, followed by Marvyn. Then just as they leave the ring Phil Woodward walks down to ringside but is stopped by Lee Whitti who looks like he may help Phil but doesn’t and drops him with the death twist. Phil then finished the torture by snapping Rhys’s arm in two with the kimora lock before punting his head against the steal steps. Andrew Bailey reacted on twitter by saying that “The TWC lockeroom just wished Rhys the best in all of his future endeavours” So that maybe the last time we see Rhys in a TWC ring.

As we come back from that massacre no mention is made of Rhys but Strutt and Hero’s music hit and out they come ready for the main event of the evening. Giles grabs the mic and explains why he is so pissed and can’t wait to get his hands on Frankie, he wishes his tag partner well and hopes he is out of hospital before “I HIT HARD” is heard over the loud speaker.

The main event is a very hard hitting affair as Giles actually keeps his own for a period and after a brief distraction from Hero it is nearly all over quick. Giles tried to keep on top of Frankie but he was too strong to be kept down for long and started to fight back. As Giles went for his big waterslide finished Frankie wriggled free before hitting him with a huge flying tackle, followed swiftly with the power bomb for the three count. After the match as Frankie was celebrating and basking in the crowds chants he was attacked with a brutal shot from the champ with his TWC belt. Hero then keeps attacking Frankie and belittling him with his words and as Giles gets up him hits him with the waterslide finisher to send WAR off the air with Matt Hero hoisted up by Giles, holding his title high as the crowd are incensed with rage.

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