interviews Owen Matthews

Go down interviews Owen Matthews

Post  Andrew Bailey on Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:18 pm’s roving reporter Tom Filbert recently sat down with Owen Matthews to ask him about his life, passions, his first month in TWC and his war with Kevin Hardline.

Good Afternoon Owen, how are feeling after last nights matchup with Kevin Hardline?
Disappointed, to be honest Tom. I screwed up. Went out there taking him lightly...don't get me wrong, he's very beatable. I just went out there at maybe 60% to see what I was up against. I'm not happy about "running away" but I have my reasons, as previously explained.

To get the full understanding of the hatred you two have for each other we have to take a step back, can you explain why their is such tension between you two?
Because he's a fuckin’ nut. *laughs* he hates me. Because I'm confident in my abilities...he wants me gone. I'm guessing I remind him of some jock douche in high school that fucked with him...he's wrong. Those guys fucked with me, too. The difference is I *prods finger to chest* stood up to them. He doesn't hate ME...he hates the idea of me.

So you are saying some anger management or couple therapy could see you unite as a team?
No way in hell. I'll be with Hero and his little "revolution" before I call Kooky Kevin my teammate. Anyone that gets in my way is bound to end up underneath the bus, and he's no different. After Royal Reckoning, there won't be enough left of him to ROLL down the ramp.

Wow you seem quite intent on taking him out once and for all at Royal Reckoning, will we see much change with your in ring style?
Oh, for sure. No holds barred matches are a different can't walk in thinking you're going to put on a wrestling clinic. You walk in knowing you're going to bleed, hoping that the other guy bleeds more. You all saw me SOUNDLY defeat Matt Hero...well, I would've if he didn't have his cronies. But you saw me beat him playing within the you'll all see me unleashed, uncaged and unrelentless. Hardline doesn't stand a chance.

Let's get away from talking about Kevin now and let's talk about TWC, how has your first month been?
Action packed! *laughs* I've met some real good guys here. And I've met some real scumbags, too. But that's how it is wherever you go, ya know? I look forward to getting to know these guys better. Andrew Bailey is a great guy, even IF he keeps turning me down when I offer help, the trust issues with that guy *shrugs*. But no matter how good of friends I am with another wrestler... He's my opponent if we're in that ring and he’s going down.

Sounds like you are fitting in well, if you could change anything within TWC what would it be?
The management. They aren't protecting their talent. At all. these thugs and bullies rule the roost around here...that's not how it was in SEW. We all looked out for each other. But here, well...I guess it's every man for themselves. Maybe these roving bands of barbarians make for good ratings, I just don’t know.
Interesting, you mention your old job there, do you see TWC as a big step up or will you be using it as a stepping stone towards WWE?
Stepping stone, for sure. I would say I'll have Vince's ears perking up anytime now, but...I don't fit the look he likes. You could say...I'm a Paul Heyman guy. *grins*

Let's change direction again and talk about your life, how did you get into wrestling?

I grew up watching WWE. I remember I could never see Raw because it was past my bedtime. *laughs* so it was Smackdown for me. I would sit GLUED to that damn TV set, watching John Cena and Edge...I HATED Orton. Still do, a bit. *laughs* I knew I wanted to do that. So...I did. I got into SEW when I was around 17. They almost didn't let me in the building, but I begged and begged for a try-out. The head booker at that time wasn't fond of having this kid demanding a job, so he set me up against the current champ. I lost. Horribly. But the champ put in a good word for me. That was my mentor, Trace DeSalvo. Shout out to you, big man!

You speak fondly of it, what would you be doing if they said no and you never made it inside a wrestling ring? Still a fan I presume?
If they said no I'd sit my ass outside that door each and everyday until they gave me a shot. This is my passion, my life. The only thing that would stop me is not having legs anymore. And then they'd still have to TELL me to stop. I do this for the fans, but this is MY passion, so if the fans suddenly decide they're not with me anymore, well...I won't be losing TOO much sleep.

You seem to have a strong connection with your fans, would you mind answering some of there questions?
Of course!

Favourite band?
Ooh, Harder one. Coheed & Cambria, but if I'm pumping myself up for a match, The Ghost Inside.

Favourite Superhero?
Gonna hafta go with The Hulk. The green one...not the old orange one in TNA.

Favourite match day meal?
Gotta be pasta. With Alfredo sauce. And Naked brand juice, the Green Machine kind. C-can I use the brand name? Meh. Maybe I'll pick up a sponsor. *laughs*

Favourite movie?
Fight Club. The only Brad Pitt movie I can accept.

Favourite sport?
Not a sport, I guess...but parkour. Excellent, excellent conditioning. But if you want something with points... Ice hockey.

And just a final question from me, who do you think you will be up against at the biggest show of the year; Wrestle for Glory, and who do you want to be up against?Hero. I'm hungry for a rematch. The Big Bosses saw me in that match, and *I* saw the ratings the next day. It would be in EVERYONE’s best interest to re-book that match for the biggest night of the year.

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me today, good luck at Royal Reckoning.
Thanks for the opportunity, Tom
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