Tommy Scarborough Bio (User: TomScarb)

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Tommy Scarborough Bio (User: TomScarb)

Post  TomScarb on Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:01 am

Wrestler Name: Tommy Scarborough
Wrestler Nick Name: 'The Automatic' 'The Systematic' 'The Hyrdomatic'
Wrestler Age: 40
Wrestler Height: 5'6
Wrestler Weight: 300lb
Gimmick: The token comedic character. Santino Marella-esq.
Hometown: London, England
Heel or Face: Face
Classification: Heavyweight

Finishing Moves:
1. The Walloping Dildo Submission (Dildo attack, like the Cobra or Mr. Socko)

Trademark Moves (Moves That Could Finish A Match 1-4, Also add Descriptions For Each)
1. Slingshot seated senton (Rikishi style)
2. Bitch slap (Speaks for itself)
3. Running splash
4. Superkick

Superstar Appearance (Provide Name of Wrestler or Celeb): Tensai
Entrance Music: 'The Price Is Right' TV Theme (
Facebook: Tom Scarborough
Twitter: @tomscarb

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