Motives And Passion.

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Motives And Passion.

Post  Thomas Donovan on Mon May 20, 2013 7:07 pm

{{The Following is set inside of a moderately sized hotel in London, England. The type that the average citizen would look to stay in when they are on holiday. Currently residing in this hotel room though, isn't just an average citizen though. It's new TWC signing Thomas Donovan, who is currently sitting on a freshly polished and cleaned white leather one seated sofa; wearing a black shirt, jeans and black polished loafers. Judging by that, one would assume that he is allowing an aura of sophistication roll around him, and that is true.}}

"England. A frontier that I have yet to conquer when it comes to the wrestling business, despite having wrestled here before."

{{Donovan smirks, as he thinks about his past experiences in England.}}

"This is actually the first time I have wrestled for an English-based promotion in my career, so hence why it is an unconquered frontier, for now. So, why did I decide to come over here; more specifically, why did I join the TWC?"

{{Pausing, he allows those words to sink in and be fully consumed by the viewing audience.}}

"The answer is simple: I've come here, to prove myself on a more global scale. See, I've done all that I can in this business yet my legacy has mostly been cemented in America. Coming across the pond, as you people like to say, means that I have a whole new audience to which I will prove myself."

{{He smiles, seeing as his reasons are definitely understandable. People are always looking for a place to prove themselves to an audience that hasn't ever had the chance to see them before.}}

"Soon, you will all see just who I am, and what I'm all about."

{{With one last smile into the camera, Thomas allows it to fade. Soon, the TWC will learn just why he is one of the finest wrestlers to join their roster.}}

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