Match of the Night - Royal Reckoning 2013

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Match of the Night - Royal Reckoning 2013

Post  Andrew Bailey on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:26 pm

Frankie Andrews vs Matt Hero - TWC Championship

After all that has happened it is now time for the TWC Championship match between Challenger Frankie Andrews and the hometown Champion Matt Hero!

Frankie Andrews come to unusual hearing as he is met by thousands of Boo’s overflowing his theme song Injustice. He gets in the ring and does his trade mark rope taunt. ‘I hit hard!’ is all you can hear from the Challenger in the biggest match of his life.

‘START THE REVOLUTION’ starts up and 15,000 people are on their feet and are going crazy for the Hometown champion Matt Hero. He comes out in his 1992 retro Sunderland shirt…’it’s saving time’ he screams and the fans are overflowed with emotion. He gets on the ring apron to do his trademark entrance and smacks his chest to signify his allegiances to his people and holds his belt up high.

‘Introducing first the Challenger from London, England weighing in at 308 pounds…he is the Beast of Entertainment Frankie Andrewwwsss!...(boos are heard all the while) and now introducing the Champion…From Sunderland, England (YEHHHH) weighing in at 219 pounds he is the Best of the Best in the World and the TWC Champion…Matt Heroooooo!’ The crowd are going crazy.

Before the bell even rings there is a ‘Let’s go Hero, Frankie sucks’ from the crowd…this truly is Hero country. And we’re off and away here in this sold out crowd. Hero and Andrews lock up with Hero in Red and White trunks and White boots and Andrews in his Combat shorts and Black shirt. Andrews throws Hero across the ring and a smile at him, Hero doesn’t like that and goes straight for the tackle and gets Andrews down applying rakes across of Andrews face. Andrews gets up and puts Hero into the turnbuckle tackling his mid-drift. Hero is down and Andrews sees the opportunity to go in the opposite corner to ready him for boot to the face. He’s running but Hero pulls himself up and meets Andrews with a big boot. Hero has got himself over to the referee to check on his eye this mean Andrews will have to wait…but after playing possum he goes straight on the attack with the stunned Andrews and applies a knee chop! The crowd love it as he winks into the camera with his ‘bad eye’

Matt Hero now has Andrew where he wants him…on the floor. He grabs Andrews’s legs and hits a knee block one after another. Andrews counters it however and pushes Hero outside onto the floor. Crowd don’t like Andrews one bit here. They’re next to the barricade and Andrews is chopping Hero’s chest. This is leading to a series of chops from both men before a thud to the eye by Hero to run into the ring. He runs the ropes and goes through the middle rope to collide Andrews on the outside! ‘Hero Hero Hero! Is what the crowd is chanting. And now he is on the barricade and jumps onto Andrews who catches him and throws him back into the ring. Andrews is climbing up the steps and before he can get his leg into the ring he is met by a dropkick leading to Frankie’s face smashing against the apron. Hero now is on the top rope and this time successfully hits the cross body onto Andrews. ‘This is awesome!’ chant is going through the Sunderland crowd now as Hero puts Frankie in the ring and goes for the cover but can’t even get the two count. He goes straight for the headlock and tires Andrews out now hitting the elbows in the hard chest. Frankie has now gotten on his feet pushes Hero against the rope, Hero returns and Frankie hits a back body drop on Hero…Hero gets back up and his met by a standing spine buster and then a back body splash. Goes for the cover and it’s a 2 count.

Andrews has now ripped his vest off and he means business. But Hero shoves him away and hits a running bulldog. He goes to the apron and hits a dropkick from the rope. He now has him teetering Andrews has no clue where he is at as Hero delivers a picture perfect neck breaker. He points to the top rope and goes up ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ as the crowd are chanting his name…Hero goes for Diving Elbow but Andrews moves out the way and gives Hero a massive big boot. ‘1…2…’ no Hero kicks out. Andrews is now in the turnbuckle ready to deliver a boot to the face but before he can do anything Hero pounces on him and delivers a knee to the face. He now does his trademark knees to the stomach and chops routine before whipping him into his arms and giving a belly to belly suplex. 1…2...nooo 2 count for Andrews. Hero is getting frustrated and goes for the Hero’s Call but Andrews swivels his hips around, gets up and hits a Jack-knife powerbomb….no wait it’s converted into a Hurricane pin! 1…2….NO! Hero gets the 2 count. Hero cannot believe it… but he goes straight on the offence and gives Andrews a DDT…before going on the top rope and YES hitting the diving elbow! Hero is taunting Andrews now…Andrews is teetering and all of a sudden is up on Hero’s shoulders but Hero hasn’t got the energy turns around and IS HIT BY A MASSIVE RUNNING CLOTHSLINE! OMG! Hero’s out the crowd are booing ‘1….2….NOOO Hero kicks out again! Frankie Andrews is going to be pissed off when he sees the replay of this not coming off!

Andrews has a hold of Hero but is met by a jaw buster, Hero now is up and hits Andrews with a huge Super kick…1…2…NO again these two men will battle! Now all of a sudden the ref is counting as both men are down…the Sunderland crowd are going crazy for Hero here still chanting his name…Now the men are up Hero and Andrews slugging out Andrews punches are being booed whilst Hero is being roared on. Until all you see is Hero punching Andrews whipping him into the ropes and GETTING SPEARED. Hero is down and what a counter by Frankie…he goes for the pin…1…2…..NO one of the longest 2 counts I’ve ever witnessed my god. Frankie now goes for the Kumara lock which can break someone’s arm the crowd are booing but Hero is not submitting at all! He puts his left foot on the rope and Andrews begs with the official that he must of tapped turns round and his met by a slap in the face from the champion who runs outside the ring…runs back inside to meet Frankie to put him on the shoulders for the Save the World! Frankie counters and goes for the Blackhole slam but cannot lock it in. Now Hero has Frankie’s legs and he’s got the Hero’s called locked in, Andrews is down! The crowd are jumping up and down but now Frankie has the rope…1…2…3…4 and Hero breaks it up. Hero is now taunting Andrews and rallying up the crowd, Frankie counters Hero’s position and hit’s the Black hole slam! It’s over! 1….2…..NO! HERO HAS KICKED OUT! HERO HAS KICKED OUT!

Andrews is slamming his fists against the mat and is looking on at Hero as to say what is he? Frankie goes and grabs Hero….Gets him up for the Last ride/Jacknife powerbomb but all of a sudden the lights have went out….and the crowd are confused. The titantron flashes with a question mark appearing before a man in a gold mask appears and points at Andrews…Andrews is looking all confused. The man is replicating a V for Vendetta like look and his just pointing before smashing the camera and walking away. The lights are on Frankie has no idea what that was about turns around and HERO HAS HIM UP FOR THE SAVE THE WORLD…HE HITS IT H HAS HIT IT!!! 1….2……3! AND HERO RETAINS! HERO HAS RETAINED AND THE CROWD ARE GOING CRAZY!
Matt Hero has retained the TWC Championship in a epic battle with Frankie Andrews and the Sunderland crowd love it…Hero shouts ‘Haway the Lads’ and as the Revolution is going through the speakers ‘here is your winner and still the TWC Champion…Matt Hero!!!’

Hero soaks it up and taunts Frankie jumping in the crowd celebrating with fans. He gets in the ring on the top turnbuckle and raises his belt high for his people ‘BEST OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD!’ before turning round and being met by the TWC Tag Team Champions, Giles Strutt and Andrew McCluskey. They embrace in the ring and hug infront of the 15,000 crowd chant ‘R O W’. Strutt and McCluskey put Hero on their shoulders with all the belts in toe as Hero is soaking it with the defeated Frankie on the outside..

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